Here's your chance to be a part of a Single Latina Community


I'm Jessica Ruiz

I want to tell you that there is a great strength and power in all of us.  For some, it might be easy. However, for most, it does not come naturally.  When we know our own strength and power, we are self-reliant, strong, and focused.  Yet, this does not mean we do not need help or support along the way.


Women who know themselves, their self-worth, and what they want and need, often find a special someone that complements them and not “completes” them.  They do not need each other to fulfill some unhealthy need.   Alone they know they are happy and worthy, but together they feel great!


How can you start believing in yourself?  It is easier said than done, but you must start thinking and believing as someone who is confident.  Do what brings out confidence in you.  For example, I know that some Latinas feel confident about wearing a certain perfume or an elegant style of clothes. 


How we feel impacts the way we think.  If we are feeling confident, our thoughts will be confident as well. Then you can ultimately be a confident Latina.  What else could you do?  You could also begin to visualize yourself as a confident Latina.


You must change the vision you have of yourself.  The reason people often find themselves back in similar situations is because they continue to carry this lack of confidence with them. 


When it comes to changing who you are at a deeper level, you must change this, or you are not going to see any lasting improvement. Carry this vision of yourself everywhere you go.  Your environment may change, but your vision of confidence never will.

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